I hate talking about myself, but in order for us to vibe, you’ll need to know a little more about me.

Firstly, I’m a lover of human connection. I don’t have a family of my own yet, but I love to watch others and learn from their interactions. The way a mother’s arms squeeze her baby to her chest. Or how a father fights back tears walking his only daughter down the aisle. I feel the most full when I get to capture these moments because they will live on forever, and that’s something super special.

I also love dumb stuff like how natural peanut butter tastes better than Jiffy, just because you have to endure the physical labor of stirring the separated oils - talk about an arm workout! Or the euphoria after sprinting up the biggest hill on the trail - that’s right, you’re a badass! I love watching Big Brother with my superfan mom, and eating the pizza crust that was meant for the dogs. Also thrifting. Which isn’t dumb, but I thought I’d throw that in so you’ll think I’m edgy (I’m more goofy, if anything, but I do love to thrift!)

I’ve been photographing people for 5 years, and I don’t think I will ever stop. Throughout college I worked as a photo journalist for my school. I learned how to seek unique stories and share them visually through my photos. When I wasn’t working or studying I’d take photos of my friends, go to photography meet-ups around my city, and was constantly wanting to create. I really worked on my craft and decided to launch my own photography business post graduation. Now I document love stories, photograph life events (young families are my favs!!), and I even work as a newborn photographer at a couple hospitals!

I’m just a quirky gal out here trying to better myself in all ways. I’ve recently taken up trail running (yaaas fitness, who is she??). I try to save the turtles by bringing my own straws & shopping bags. I love spending friday nights vegging out in front of Netflix, but know when it’s time to force my introverted self to go out and meet new friends. I LOVE when clients become my bffs. I also love peanut butter. Ok, if you want to know more you’ll have to meet me for brunch. We can share our favorite memes. 


***Dallas/Fort Worth is my backyard, but feel free to reach out if you’re elsewhere! I love to travel. 

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Miranda is amazing! She made us feel so comfortable (it was our first ever couples sesh) and the shots came out absolutely BEAUTIFUL — we will treasure them forever. 150% recommend!!
— Bridgett Pittman
Miranda is the sweetest person ever. This was my fiancé and I first time to ever take professional pics together and she made us feel so comfy and relaxed. To be honest I was afraid we were going to look awkward but she truly made our experience the BEST! We had a blast working with her and I highly recommend her to anyone. I couldn’t thank her enough for doing an outstanding job. I absolutely loved our bridal pics and our wedding pics!!
— Jennifer Gay